When It Is Time For Replacement Windows, Consider Wallside

Windows allow natural light and ventilation into the home.  Without windows our homes would be very dark, drab and stuffy much of the time.  However, many homes have inefficient windows.  The windows may allow air to leak during the winter causing cold drafts in an otherwise warm home.  Many older windows have been painted improperly and no longer open to allow a cool breeze in the home on warmer days.  If it is time for replacement windows, many people have discovered the value of Wallside windows.

Wallside replacement windows are each custom made to replace the existing windows in the home.  A Wallside representative will measure each window existing in the home and return these measurements to the Wallside plant, located in Taylor, which is located to the east of the Detroit airport.  At the plant, jigs are set to ensure that each window is built to the exact measurement.  The window frames are all made of extruded vinyl.  This process ensures that there are no drafts when the windows are closed.  In addition, the thermal pane windows provide the needed insulation to keep cold of Michigan’s winters outside the home while allowing the sunshine to filter through the glass for natural solar heating.

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The Wallside company has over 200 local employees.  These employees work to produce approximately 800 windows every day.  Each of the windows is custom built to fill an existing order.  This means that they are designed to look great and fit in the home. The company offers some of the first vinyl windows to be made.  The vinyl window offers a longer life than wood windows and solves many of the problems associated with metal windows, especially in the cold winters of Michigan where the metal conducts the outside cold into the home.

Each Wallside product is professionally installed.  The installation personnel do nothing other than replace windows.  The begin by placing tarps over the inside of the home to protect the home from the construction involved.  Most windows are removed without breaking any glass.  The new windows are installed and fiberglass insulation is used as needed.  Outside the home, aluminum trim that will not need painting is installed to finish the window.  Inside the home, the trim around the new windows is replaced with high quality pine (oak is optional).  The inside trim is left unfinished and it is up to the homeowner to finish the trim to his or her own desires.

Once the windows are installed, the technicians will carefully test the windows in safe manner and clean up any messes that they have made.  Each window is tested to ensure that it has been manufactured within tolerance.  The windows will be tested to ensure that they open and close like they should.  The technician will ensure that there are no messes left for the homeowner other than possibly needing to dust after the job is completed.  In addition, the technician will take time to demonstrate proper use of the new replacement windows and to answer any questions the occupant of the home may have.

Their replacement windows plant has produced windows locally for Michigan residents for over sixty years.


The company takes pride in their workmanship and each Wallside product is given a thirty-five year warranty.  That warranty remains in effect even if the home is sold.  Thus, these windows can become a selling point for homes when they are placed on the market.  The new owner will have the same coverage on the windows in the home as the original owner having them installed.  Their replacement windows warranty protects against warping, rusting or chipping.  In addition the windows are warranted against failure of the seals and selected as a ‘Home Owner Best Buy For 2015 by homeinspectorsalary.com.

If the old windows in one’s homes are causing it to look bad or are no longer efficiently doing their job, homeowners will want to consider installing replacement windows in their home.  These custom made windows can improve the looks of the home as well as the energy efficiency.  They will be professionally installed and offer a thirty five year warranty that is passed on to the next owner of the home.