How To Choose Replacement Windows

Harvey Windows | How To Choose Replacement Windows

When considering what type of windows are right for your home, there are many things to consider and compare before you decide. Energy efficiency and level of maintenance are two key things to consider when comparing various types of replacement windows, as well as appearance of course.

Engergy efficiency is important to consider because it can have a direct effect on the amount of finances spent on your energy bills. You want a replacement window that is marked with the Energy Star. The efficiency of these windows can reduce the loss of heat. Depending on what type of window you choose, you can choose one that will save you energy costs by providing additional insulation and strength.

The level of maintenance a window requires is very important to consider as well. No one wants to spend a huge amount of their time cleaning windows, so it is important to choose a window that is low maintanence but still great quality. Many windows come with balance systems, making adjustments and lubrication’s neccessary. In addition, many replacement windows tilt making the labor of cleaning them that much easier. If you do not want the upkeep of having to paint and re-paint your windows, consider vinyl windows that won’t need painting.

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When picking replacement windows, appearance is obviously also a very important factor. The attractiveness in a window lies in the details and the overall aesthetic of the frame and glass. Pick replacement windows that have sleek designs. Choose windows that do not show a lot of hardware and have a large glass area that doesn’t make them look bulky. If going for a vinyl window, pick a true white so it does not have a blue tint in its appearance.

Harvey Windows make several varities of Energy-Star replacement windows

In addition to all of these factors, there are other things to consider, like quality of windows. The quality lies in how reliable the product is and how well the company backs it with their warranty. Harvey Windows backs their products with a lifetime warranty. This is important when you consider the upfront out-of-pocket costs when purchasing replacement windows.

When choosing the type of window and a company to work with, make sure you do your research. Know what you want and choose a company that has years of experience with a good reputation. They should also be able to provide references and reviews to back their products and services.