How To Replace A Window

How To Replace A Window Questions & Answers From Homeowners

Replacing your home’s windows is a job that can take you four hours or more as long as you are clear on how to replace a window. If you are wary of doing it yourself there are a number of contractors around who do specialize in this sort of work and can do the job for you as long as their bids are acceptable to you. Windows need replacing when they fail to provide the protection that you expect from windows. Wooden windows can rot and the frames and sashes can become really weak. Before you decide on replacing the window, ensure that the outside of the window has not lost all the caulking around the frame, as this can cause drafts to enter the room. Just redoing this caulking can probably save you the cost of a replacement window. Use a rubber silicone caulk for best results.

One of the first things that you need to do is get the correct size for the replacement window. Measuring of the window space should be done from inside your home and clear distance between jambs need to be taken. Check measurements at least three points in both horizontal and vertical directions and ensure that all the dimensions are within a quarter of an inch of each other. If they are not you may have the additional problem of rectifying the jambs so that they are straight and parallel to each other.

How To Replace A Window
You then need to choose a good window for replacement. Make sure that your replacement window is one that will be secure, noise proof and has the proper insulating properties. It is a good time to think of additional insulation on the glass so that light and UV rays are obstructed. Make sure that the replacement window is of the correct size and will fit correctly into the niche left by the old window.

You now have to remove the old window to make place for the replacement. Carefully remove all nails, screws and other holdfasts that were holding the window in place. Once this is done make sure that the jambs are in good condition or arrange to make the necessary repairs. Now fit the new replacement window into the opening now created. If you have taken the measurements carefully this should not be too difficult. If the size is bigger you may require to work on the new frame or the jamb, whichever is easier. The replacement window should leave a gap of about quarter-inch all around. Ensure that the window frame is properly leveled and is in the correct vertical position. Use wedges to ensure that the window stays in the correct position, before you proceed with the next step of fixing the frame firmly to the wall, sills and lintels. This can be done with plugs that should have enough length in the wall as we require these fastenings to last a long time. Screw in the frame to the plugs again with screws or other types of inserts. You can then fix the sashes to the windows and your replacement of window work is almost done.

Make Sure You Understand How To Replace A Window Before Starting Your Project

Now the gap around the frame has to be filled up with a rubber silicone caulk. These filler materials are easily inserted into the gap that has then to be sealed with a silicone sealant which will give the gap a permanent protection. Knowing how to replace a window is easy only when you pay attention to all these aspects.