Wallside Windows Complaints

Should You Be Concerned With Wallside Windows Complaints?

Wallside Windows a local Michigan window replacement company has been serving Michigan since 1944. It is well-known for providing replacement windows at a lower cost. Wallside Windows has received mixed review and many consumers have lodged Wallside Windows complaints against the company. At the same time, there have been several favorable reviews as well.

Wallside Windows is well-known for offering discounted replacement windows in Michigan. The company is one of the largest providers of replacement windows in Michigan. However, the company itself has had to deal with some pubic criticism from consumers and received many Wallside Windows complaints from consumers who have indicated that they have been less than satisfied with their purchase.

Most consumers who have lodged Wallside windows complaints seem dissatisfied with their window replacement purchase over time. The problems do not appear immediately, but seem to surface as time passes. Many of the consumers who have experienced problems with Wallside Windows have decided to take the leap and purchase low cost window replacements from Wallside. Many regret their decision indicating that they believe they got what they paid for. Consumers believe that the windows cost less because they are poorly made. However, there have been others that have lodged Wallside windows complaints because they have been completely satisfied with their purchase.

Wallside windows complaints

Wallside Windows complaints make the warranty obsolete?

Those who have complained indicate that the very long warranty that the company offers is in essence useless because most of the windows the company installs believes that they will have to be replaced within 7 to 10 years of installation. Many consumers have lodged Wallside Windows complaints because they were having problems with condensation that does not disappear between the two windows as being one of the main problems with the cheaper replacement windows. However, others have complained about other things as well.

In addition to problems with the windows themselves, many Wallside Windows complaints were lodged because of problems consumers had with the installers and not necessarily the windows themselves. One such person lodged one or more Wallside Window complaints specifically because she thought that the installers were inexperienced and did a terrible job installing the windows in her home. She thought that the installers intentionally did not take the time to do a good job because her house was not visible and could not damage Wallside’s reputation.

When it comes to searching for replacement windows, there seems to be mixed reviews when it comes to Wallside’s replacement windows. Many indicate that they are happy with their choice and others complain that they wish they went with a different company. Although Wallside’s windows seem to be energy efficient, there seems to be problems with the installation of these windows, so it may be that some of the problems stem from the fact that the windows are being installed by inexperienced installers. However, most people who have complained about Wallside believe that the problems stem from the fact that the Wallside’s replacement windows are not well built. Obviously, the Wallside Windows complaints problem stem from the combination of the two.

The reviews offered by consumers on Wallside Windows appear to be both good and bad. It is always good to consider the complaints when choosing a company for window replacements as consumers need to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing windows for their home.